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Christian Legal Collaborative, Inc.

Helping our community-- with the help of our community-- the whole community  

We appreciate diversity at CLC! Whether you consider yourself more the creative type or the logical type, use the "Contact Us" page to let us know what talents you have and how you might be able to help. We can use all types and will find a way to make use of your skills!

Donation of TIME...TALENT...and TREASURE

At the CLC, we can make use of servant hearted people of all ages and types, with both legal and non- legal skills. If you feel called to serve your community, we can use you. Tell us how you would like to give of your time, talent, and treasure, and we will find a way to use you in our ministry of helping people in our community to access justice.

Also, if you are in need of mentoring to further develop your skills, we are glad to help match you with others who would like to help you with that too! It is our gift to you for being helpful to us.

For other non-profits that are helping us, we are glad to help fill your needs as our own get taken care of, so please let us know what items and types of volunteers you need. We can help each other!

Please see our "Time," "Talent" and "Treasure" sub pages for more information on how you can best help us. 

Thanks to past donors and sponsors!

Special shout out to:

AccuShred of Toledo who salvaged several filing cabinets for us when we desperately needed them, AND delivered them, and got them up several flights of stairs. These people are the best! Please call them for all of your shredding needs. You can call them and ask for Nate Segall or Jason Johnson. I have email addresses for you as well, and I can give you brochures, and cards if you are at my office. Please tell them that you were referred by Katina Werner from Christian Legal Collaborative and you appreciate them making the effort to support this organization. (Feel free to just call and tell them thank you anyways!)

HCR Manor Care, who donated several used printers to our Pro Se Assistance Center (education and technology center) at the downtown site, and their employee Russ, who helped get them to us and even made some personal donations of surge protectors! Special thanks to our volunteer Ed who spent a lot of time finishing getting them online for us.

Kyle Cease, a nationally successful motivational speaker. He and his team generously donated several of his programs for the coaching program we are building. Thanks Kyle! Check out his 'Evolving Out Loud' series. Very good. Very practical. Very affordable. You can download much of his stuff via internet if you pay by card or you can go to a live show. I've seen clips of his and they are really amazing. If you sign up, please tell him Katina from Toledo sent you and thank him for supporting the CLC. We want these people to know that their donations made a difference in our community!

Val Film, who donated our VOIP equipment, and their employee, Matt, who worked tirelessly to help us connect the first part of that equipment and figure out other tech issues along the way on his own time. This has been a tremendous savings for us and will help us grow.

St. Lucas Lutheran Church, whose council members were the first visionaries to vote by faith and to donate the CLCs first space to us so that we could have administrative space to work from and to start meeting with our potential partners. This helped us get many other important relationships and items secured. Thank you St. Lucas for putting your mission first! This site is now a satellite location for us to do our administrative work and some clinics for south-enders, as we have secured our main location downtown at St. Paul's Lutheran Church to make it easy for needed legal volunteers to plug in.

This downtown location is the home of our Pro se Assistance Center and Empowerment Project as well.

St. Lucas works on almost all volunteer power, and St. Paul's has only a small staff as well, so please don't overwhelm the office by calling there or showing up there to see us. Instead, please watch the Services page for our program schedule and make appointments via the Contact Us page.

To ensure maximum availability, please make donations and help us get larger sponsors so that we can provide as many clinics as possible and cover as many hours at each location as possible.

**There are more sponsors and donors then what we have had time to list on here yet. Please don't feel slighted if you are not listed here. You are important to us! One of the tasks that we need volunteers to do is to add our sponsors here for recognition. (We also tell people coming through our sites about our sponsors too:) ) We named some on a recent TV interview but, unfortunately, that part was cut out. Sorry! We will keep telling everyone though and promote you:)