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Christian Legal Collaborative, Inc.

Helping our community-- with the help of our community-- the whole community  


For dates of upcoming CEOs, clinics, and speaking engagements, see the "Service Locations & Date" sub page, under the main "Services" page.

You may also want to check out our "Events" tab for other interesting worship, fellowship, and fundraising activities.

Ways CLC may provide services to low and modest income persons with legal needs:

Information & Referral– I & R gets people to the right place when it obviously isn’t us. Ex. To Legal Aid if they should be receiving completely free services, or to TBA's Lawyer Referral Service if they are capable of paying the market rate for an attorney, or to another specific agency that makes sense for what they need that doesn’t necessarily require the services of an attorney at all. Helping people get to the right place faster not only serves them best, but also allows more people to receive services from CLC when it is the right organization to help and is the only place where they can get help.

Self Services—Includes our Pro Se Assistance Center (aka Education & Technology Center) being put together at our downtown site. The Center is already open by appointment only and provides access to basic equipment such as (computers, scanners, copiers, etc.) to allow persons to help themselves; although there will also be volunteers as needed to more easily access and benefit from these resources. (When a person represents themselves in court, it is called "pro se," and more and more people have to do this, so the CLC is building a range of services designed to support those representing themselves pro se.) We are currently working to raise funds to integrate fax and phone options, and also using legally trained volunteers to create basic forms and educational materials. We are also accepting donations of legal books and other resources. We recently added a new electronic legal research function thanks to CaseText. *There is an hourly fee to use the center, which we use to defray the costs of replacing toner cartridges, paper & supplies, and other technology costs not covered by donors. The goal will ultimately be to make the center self-sufficient.

Brief Services—Range of projects designed to improve a person’s circumstance with limited assistance in 10 min to 1 hour, without forming an "attorney-client relationship" or "representing" the client on the case. This category includes what we call “limited assistance pro se.” This is perfect for when people just have "quick questions" to help them determine if they need to hire an attorney at all, or what type of attorney they should hire. Often persons are helped this way via clinics hosted at churches and other non-profits in the community at which may already be assisting a lot of community members. (We do what we call a "kitchen sink" brief service clinic every month that lets people bring in just questions about just about everything within reason, and also to bring in short documents for us to look over to get quick questions answered.) We are happy to refer persons to our colleagues at the Toledo Bar Association if they are not eligible for our services. Likewise, if we find that persons make so little that they are eligible for free services, we always refer them to our colleagues at LAWO, ABLE, or other local agencies as appropriate. (Contact our Executive Director if you would like to make sure your agency is on the list or to make sure we have your brochures at our clinics and in our education center.)

Limited Representation--Where attorneys agree to take on a case and represent the client, but only for a portion of a case or for a specific set of tasks. This is sometimes known as limited scope representation.

Full Representation—Standard case representation for as long as appropriate. This may also include representation through "batch clinics." Batch clinics allow the CLC to help many persons with similar circumstances at the same time by having them meet in a large group and walking them through the education and form completion parts of their cases together. Likewise, the CLC may be able to file all of the cases at the same time or schedule all of the necessary follow up appointments or court hearings on the same day. This allows the CLC to conserve attorney time and keep costs down, which also allows the CLC to in turn help more people in the community.

Community Engagement Opportunities (CEOs)– Group information sessions, community roundtables, non-legal collaborations, etc.

See the "Service Locations & Date" sub page, under the main "Services" page, in order to find out when we are scheduled to have clinics, CEOs, and other opportunities. You may also want to check out our "Events" tab for other interesting worship, fellowship, and fundraising activities; as well as times where we are speaking publicly about the CLC or promoting our partners. Use the "Contact Us" tab to request services or register for clinics.