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Attorney Representation or Professional Advocacy

Bar associations are professional organizations to which attorneys belong,  Typically, you can find one for each major city, county, or state, that will help you find attorneys taking cases for the type of issue you have.  Below are the contact numbers for some bar associations for our area that you may find helpful

Toledo Bar Association Lawyer Referral Line: 419.242.4763

*Tell Maggie /Lisa you were referred by Christian Legal Collaborative.  Please be kind to them as there are only the two taking a lot of calls for this area.  You may need to leave a message but they will call you back. 

Toledo Bar Association Pro Bono: 419.242.9363 Ext# 5

This is only for people who have no income or so little that they would normally qualify for Legal Aid, but for some reason have been denied, such as Legal Aid doesn't have an attorney available at the time for that area of the law.  *Tell Michelle or her assistant you were referred by us too please and, again, she works really hard so please be kind. She will help you however she can, as will most of these people on the list.  

Self-Help / Limited Help  (No Representation or Advocacy)