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Service Locations and Dates

CLC is excited to announce the following planned speaking engagements, CEOs, brief service clinics, and other services in addition to the limited amount of individual appointments we are able to set via our website interaction.  Our regular monthly CEOs and clinics our held the 1st Saturday of every month. See the detailed information after the Special Clinics section.   

Special Clinics and CEOs

On July 15, we will host a "Driver's License" clinic at our south location to help people learn how to clear their driver's license and also take advantage of a program available to clear some reinstatement fees. The clinic is a collaboration of the Toledo Municipal Court, NW Ohio Re-entry Coalition and many agencies, such as the BMV, CSEA, ODJFS as well as the Toledo Bar Association Pro Bono Program, Legal Aid and ABLE, and other great attorneys in the area who are donating their time.  CLC is coordinating the space and other logistics on this particular date and also coordinated some advertising for the clinic to the latino population on Voces Latinas.  This clinic is FREE but will be maxed out fast.  Let us know if you are interested and we will pre-register you so you can secure a spot and not have to wait in line. 

We are now collaborating with Attorney Aleksandar Cuic of Robert Brown LLC to present an "Immigration" CEO and brief service clinic that will have several dates throughout this year and next.  While the CLC does not currently do immigration work, we know there is a great need for information in this area as well as reduced fee work for low and modest income persons, so we are grateful for the opportunity to bring this to the community. The first of these was scheduled for June 21st.  If you are interested in future educational opportunities on immigration or are interested in screening for services for our collaboration with Case Western Reserve University's Legal Clinic,  register via the "contact us" page for "other clinic" and mark "next immigration CEO" or "screen for CWRU Legal Clinic" in the comments along with the primary language for you or the person you are bringing with you. Or email with your contact info and preferred language.  We will be glad to send you a full flyer to share if you like.  Cost is just $10.  Includes free parking.  Lite snacks will be available for sale. Questions at the first CEO can be answered in English, Spanish, Russian, Serbian, and Croatian.  Please let us know if you are willing to translate for us into other languages for this event or others.

We are still working to have a special "New Business" CEO to have it added soon.  We are looking in to holding this at the Kent Branch Library. This is being scheduled thanks to our new partnership with Thurgood Marshall Law Association so there will be no cost to attend this clinic. We will talk about the mechanics of starting a business as well as some of the pitfalls, and give tips.  We hope to invite several of our community partners that can help with information about loans and merchant services. Let us know at our "Contact Us" page if you are interested in this so that we can keep you posted on the date and location. Update: We had this scheduled for June 25th but ran into a glitch with the location for that date, so we are waiting and may need to move the date.  If you are interested in this CEO, email us and we will make sure you get a personal update when details are solidified.  

*We are also communicating with local judges, agencies, and other non-profits to see if we can help facilitate other programs.  The need is great and the workers and resources are few though so it is difficult to get this all done.  Please consider donating through our "Donate Now" page and by helping us facilitate larger sponsorships and grants.  For example, we currently need a certified IT person to help fix a technology glitch that will free up our phone and fax lines. This costs money that we do not have right now but we could communicate better and help more people once this is done. 

*Additional monthly senior topics programming should be added soon for downtown location on some Thursdays and possibly other days--contact us for dates until posted.  

"Helping Professionals Ministries" events started in November - go to our "Events" page or contact us for more info. Dates and times may be listed on our calendar. The Events and Projects page will also soon include information on our Client Coaching Panel and Support Program.  These programs are non-therapeutic in nature, but may help some persons looking for a little more emotional or spiritual support from their community to meet personal goals and implement practical solutions to common daily challenges.  

Host site 1:

CLC "South" 

Hosted at St. Lucas

745 Walbridge Ave.

By appointment only

No mail or calls to host site

*Stairs at this location. No elevator available. If elevator needed, please specify when set appointment and we'll arrange at downtown site or other site as available.

Host site 2:

CLC "Downtown"

Hosted at St. Paul's Lutheran

(NOT the Community Center)

428 N. Erie St. (at Jackson)

By appointment only

No mail or calls to host site

*Stairs, but elevator can be arranged if known in advance. Please specify needed when appointment made. Thank you!

Mail only to:

Christian Legal Collaborative, Inc.

Katina Werner, Esq., 

Executive Director

5813 Monroe St., #245

Sylvania OH 43560

*This is a third party mail processing center.  No CLC staff are located here, so items cannot be brought here and no legal questions can be addressed here. Thank you!

The above two churches have partnered with CLC to host regular space for offices, clinics, community engagement opportunities (CEOs), and client appointments on a pre-scheduled basis. CLC has readied these two locations for the launch of the first stage of its operations. However, we do not yet have funding to hire staff so we can only handle questions at appointments or clinics.  (Walk-ins must be turned away.) Please see below the type of clinics coming up in the near future and enter your information on the form at the "Contact Us" tab if you would like to participate in those or instead indicate to us that you would like an individual appointment.  We will then respond to you in the shortest time frame possible when considering the volunteers we have available. 

You may also leave a message for us at our main number, 419.469.1825.  However, that line has a long introductory message about our organization that you will listen to first and it is more difficult for us to set appointments for you from these voicemails at the moment as we only have volunteers sporadically assisting us during the week, so it may take longer for us to respond to you as well. (Completing the short form on the "Contact Us" tab is currently the fastest way for you to send information to us and for us to receive it and respond.)

If you know of a church or other organization that would like to host one of our CEOs or clinics and underwrite its costs, please see the "Sponsorship" tab for information.  Persons interested in sponsorship can likewise complete the form on the "Contact Us" tab or leave a message for us after our introductory message. 

Monthly Clinics

Typically, on the first Saturday of each month, we will have several CEOs and clinics planned for our South* location.  On Saturday, July 13th we currently plan to covering the following topics, based on needs expressed by people calling in most recently.  Please keep in mind though that posted topics are subject to change to best fit the needs of our pre-registered participants.:

  • 12-1 Powers of Attorney 101  $10

  •  1:30-2:30 Advance Directives  $10
  • (Includes Detailed explanation, completion and notarization of Living Will, Healthcare POA, Anatomical Registry.  If ask during pre-registration and stay over until next clinic (additional $10), can also do Mental health treatment declaration forms and set up donation of body to science with cremation after.) 

  •  3-4 Kitchen Sink Brief Services Clinic  $10
  • Bonus: Welcome Chris Lauman Financial Representative for Western & Southern Financial Services
  • Chris will set up appointments for interested persons to do a financial analysis and planning in a simple way that is tailored to you.  He will also provide informational pamphlets on social security,and give out coupons to create child identity kits. 

(See above for additional special clinics being scheduled in progress.)

Register via our Contact Us page and we will send you additional details for finding us at each location.  Please always arrive fifteen minutes early to sign in and complete any necessary paperwork and collect any relevant materials or read any information related to the CEO/clinic for that day.

NEXT month's Saturday clinics are scheduled for August 3rd and will include Landlord-Tenant as the first topic. 

Clinic lingo & misc.

Definitions: "Kitchen sink" brief service clinics are for persons that have "quick" questions or would like to listen in on others questions to pick up general knowledge and wisdom by hearing what is going on in the community.  There is a general topic of the day (or several points of the day - for example scams to watch out for) that is given and then the attorney takes general questions and points people in the right direction.  People can leave after their question is answered or stay and listen to others' questions and add to the discussion if they have personal experience on that issue. 

"CEO" = Community Education Opportunity.  Event is open to the public and offers general, but valuable, education on a given topic.  Information will be given in a group environment instead of one on one. Participants may ask general questions at end or sometimes at designated points of presentation, but attorney will not be able to overly personalize answers, so those with very detailed questions, should schedule individual client education session instead (or may want to schedule one following the CEO once they have gotten a good foundation for the topic).  Some participants choose to attend both the CEO for the general information and then attend the Brief Services Kitchen Sink Clinic to ask quick, but slightly more detailed questions in follow up. 

Cost: Admission for most clinics/CEOs is $10 each, unless we have a sponsor (or you can pre-register for all three on a given day for $20). Cost includes any materials provided or notarization fees, if applicable.  Attorney will provide presentation on rights and obligations and allow time for participants to ask general questions.  At the end, participants may have a few minutes to check in with staff for additional general information and community referrals. 

We are currently waiting for our phone system to finish being installed and for sponsorship of salaried staff to be available to take those calls at all times.  Until then, please indicate your interest in attending a clinic or CEO by completing the form on the "Contact Us" page.  Please give your phone and email along with the topic you are interested in.  You may also indicate that you would like an individual appointment.  Please be patient as we seek sponsorship and we will do our best to get to persons needing help.

*Please note the South location is not wheelchair accessible.  There is a half flight of stairs from the entrance to the room where we do the clinics.  If you have mobility issues, please ask for accessibility options.  Although we will not be able to provide them on the same date, the CLC can offer similar information on a later date in a more accessible location.  Our downtown location will also be wheelchair accessible. Thank you for your patience!