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Christian Legal Collaborative, Inc.

Helping our community-- with the help of our community-- the whole community  

Program Needs (Updated 1.20.19)

1. Professionals to volunteer and extern with us.2019 Property/general liability

2.(UPDATED) Insurance $750/year (FILLED) Thank you Sue!

This is necessary to maintain our spaces at our host sites as well as to insure the well-being of our organization in the event that something happened at one of our events or that a volunteer accidentally caused damage or an injury.

3. 2019 Yearly web cost (35/m x12) $420

We will improve our existing website to provide better service to clients. We will move to Wix on their commercial package which will allow us to more efficiently update the web and upload informational videos; do more email interaction; send out info from the web to regular users, sponsors, and collaborative partners; advertise and better accept donations; and create a logo that we can own and take with us. (We will also roll out our new slogan next with the new web.) As we are driving more traffic to the website daily and the current website does not perform well, is a bit cumbersome to edit, provides no IT support to us and very other limited features, we need to make the switch now before we continue marketing the site. We are in the midst of getting ready to launch the translated site versions, and are running out of space with this website already. The current one also does not give us video options and will not let us edit our forms much more, add links, etc.  

4. 2019 Yearly web hosting $12

Gives us our web address for 2019 plus one free year if done now. *We are switching to a simplified web address. Look for that soon.*

5. Main phone /fax line cost for one year ( 70/m x 12 + taxes/fees)=$880 (This estimate has gone up $100 from what we originally posted in November, but the estimate for the additional lines has gone down dramatically as you will see for lines 6 & 7, so we are cutting almost $300 out there, which allowed us to fill that pressing need with a recent donation. That's because we were able to get three additional phone/fax lines covering both offices and the education center for approximately $200 per year instead of the $240 per line per year we had budgeted originally. What a steal! To do this, we need to keep up the main line though.

This is a commercial VOIP service that gives us lots of versatility for services between multiple locations and a Director on the move. It also allows us to add as many lines as we want now and in the future for just $5/line. Each phone “line” includes its own phone number and a fax line as well. The main line comes into our “admin” space at the South location. Our VOIP hardware was donated by ValFilm who gave us enough to expand into a larger operation--thank you! The initial time to help hook them up to the Ringcentral server was donated by their employee Matt- who worked tirelessly on that as well as other things for us. Thank you Matt! We only have to pay for the new "lines" that get hooked up into the "cloud."

6 & 7 UPDATED Downtown phone/fax lines cost for year (20/m x12)=$180+ taxes/fees (UPDATED Pricing) (FILLED) Thanks Chris!

This allows for TWO additional VOIP lines to be turned on downtown--one in the Pro Se Assistance Center where clients receive education/technology assistance and one in the office so that we are not dependent on cell phones and can also link up multiple calls for meetings as necessary. This is particularly important for phone hearings, board meetings, collaborative community sessions, some trainings done by phone, etc. We have now purchased the numbers and some of the additional technology we need to make our hardware work. We are waiting for some technology volunteer hours and some other go aheads in our host sites and misc. to make this all come together. We hope these will be operating properly by the end of February with both the hardware and software connection and to have the volunteer training done to release the numbers publicly. Stay tuned and please stay patient:) 

8. Bar Association Dues & other Professional Fees for Director $500/year.

It’s time to start actively getting the word out to more attorneys so that they know how to plug in to the CLC to volunteer, as well as to refer clients and to donate legal books and other resources of use in our various programs. The best and least expensive way to do this is by talking to them as colleagues at local bar association events. Other benefits also come with these fees that help our Executive Director do her networking and other tasks for us. (The ED portion of her job is currently done completely as a volunteer, so paying for costs like this is difficult.) One year’s worth of projected local bar association dues are $495, broken down as follows:

  • Toledo Bar Association: $350
  • Lucas County Bar Association: $25
  • Thurgood Marshall Law Association: $45
  • Toledo Women’s Bar Association: $25
  • Toledo Law Association (Lucas County Law Library membership is critical for research options): $50

*If you cannot sponsor all due and fees but would like to sponsor the dues and fees for one Association in particular, please let us know. We appreciate any and all help. The more legal professionals we reach with our message and recruit, the more people we can help😊

9. Technology hardware & software for 2019

  • Toner/ink Cartridges. $500/year. Each location has one really good laser printer that has been donated. We just replaced the toner on one and it cost $100 for the XL cartridge, which took ¼ of the money we just raised in October. Yikes! As you can imagine, we will print A LOT since we are providing legal services. People will also be printing in our center. We will need to have toner cartridge on deck right away for the second location ($100) as it still has the starter cartridge in it and to have money in the fund for when these ones go out ($100 x2=$200). We also had some older printers donated from HCR Manor Care for the Pro Se Assistance Center (Thanks HCR!). We have to be ready to replace ink on these too. Between cartridges on all, we project a very reasonable $500 for 2019. We are collecting $5 per person in the center to help defray the remaining costs of the other ink cartridges and paper used, and we had donors of paper to get us started for the first part of the year and to keep costs reasonable for users. (Thank you!)
  • G- Suite. Up to $500/year. This program helps provide us with the commercial version of Google’s free services (our calendar, email, domain name, cloud storage, and other services, along with special security features that will help us serve clients more efficiently across multiple locations while still protecting their information. This is critical for this type of business. We receive this program at a discounted price because of the type of program we are and pay just $10 per user, with access to full tech support. We need at least 2 users per month to start so that we have an attorney and assistant, so that is $20 per month. Ideally, we would be able to have at least five users so that we can have several people helping us with scheduling, returning calls and emails, etc., but also can be sure to properly secure the accounts. (In short, this program allows us to narrow down what electronic access someone has when they start, and also to completely shut down a person’s access the moment they leave.) Without having an IT department, this program allows us to do an awful lot ourselves, AND it comes with an IT department behind it. We are also grateful for all of the tech people that have volunteered with us so far though and have vowed to keep helping us out. Thank you! Thank you!
  • Office 365. $200.00/year. This allows us to put the updated Office on our main computer that is necessary to process cases efficiently. While the other computers have older versions of Office, our G-Suite is sufficient to allow the other users to access the files created from that computer and put on the Google Drive. We will upgrade computers as we get technology grants.
  • General tech. $20-$200 With our non-profit status, we can sometimes spend as little as $20 per computer to make substantial upgrades to computers or buy major software. Likewise, we can sometimes buy new computers for as little as $200. Persons interested in helping us upgrade so that we can run the most efficiently should let us know. Even having one computer that can be upgraded at a time can be very helpful. For instance, we ordered software that helps us research grants at a discounted rate. That will cost us $100 per year. (It is normally $700.) One grant could be worth $5,000 or $50,000, so this is a worthy investment. We will also be looking to do things sometimes like boost our signal in certain rooms, set up networks, etc. Our tech professionals volunteering their time sometimes need us to buy some wire or a gadget here or there.
  • Headphones/headsets. We need approximately 5 sets of good headphones for use in our Pro Se Assistance Center and volunteer desks. If they are full headsets, with a microphone attached, that would work great as well. This will help clients take advantage of self-study coaching programs, legal education seminars, help legal professionals and volunteers attend training webinars and meetings and dictate letters, etc. (1 headset donated- Thank you Jen! Call for info if you would like to match that type.) (As of 1/16/19, we may have another donor- so check with us before you buy:) )

10. 2019 Office supplies (Both locations). $500 (This and toner is where most of our smaller donations will be applied once insurance is fully covered.)

We try to have all of our supplies donated where possible but occasionally we will need to buy some, especially as we continue to grow. Please continue to donate the following where you have them and don’t need them, but don’t buy them right now (unless you find them really, really cheap) as we currently have a nice stash*:

  • Spiral notebooks and Legal pads (*can always use more- keep them coming)
  • Clipboards, Copy paper, Manilla folders (8 ½ x 11), 2 pocket colored folders (w/business card cutouts preferred and no prongs)
  • Binders of all sizes and colors, Paper tray & file organizers
  • Post its, Pens, Other office supplies
  • Inspirational and cultural art/sculptures/posters
  • Easels for Post-it Pads, and Pads and our portable whiteboard.
  • Whiteboards: we got the small ones for our walls. We only could use 2 large rolling ones for our larger clinics—one for each host site, IF you have them to donate. Not a priority though- please don’t buy.

We have several good size cabinets now (Thanks AccuShred!) and several small cabinets now thanks to our thoughtful friends- so we are no longer in a pinch for these. However, Call us before you get rid of any in good shape please if they have keys to make sure we don’t need them for our satellite locations. Thank you!

Other misc. needs:

  • Legal books & materials (okay if older as clients & volunteers can use to get general info and shorten their learning curve.)
  • Inspirational and cultural artwork and items to provide a diverse and welcoming environment that helps people feel inspired and comfortable.
  • Motivational reading and audio-visual materials (including spiritual, educational, life coaching, business coaching type) as we will have a coaching and self-help program.
  • Supplemental printing sponsor--either printing one large job at your office for us or paying a small cost at the printer (ex. 10 to 20 Advance Directives packets for our monthly clinic of approximately 25 pages each) to help keep down the toner cost and wear and tear on the printer. PLUS, it ensures the printer remains free to print items for client matters and frees up attorney time monitoring printing and then collating/stapling packets. (Even just printing them would be a big help as often a volunteer could then collate and staple the packets.)

*Please do not purchase any of items on list for us without checking to make sure it hasn't already been donated to us or isn't already on its way. We don't want anyone to waste their money:)

Technology notes:

  • Donated laptops are more helpful than desktop computers as we will sometimes move locations for clinics, although we can take in a few desktop computers that are new / like new as well. The accessories that go with them are helpful as long as they are current so that we don't have to spend money making them work. If you are donating technology, please make sure it is cleared of personal files or let us know that needs to be done when donating and be sure all passwords have been removed. Please also leave your personal contact info in case we have questions about the device or find some personal files you might like returned.
  • ** For those who order copy paper regularly and would consider sharing a small portion of their order with us, please let us know. We would love to have you join our strategic in-kind partner program. Donations like this are extremely valuable to our organization.

  • We also need Volunteers and externs/interns of the following types:
  • Grant writers Especially right now- we have several opportunities and we need to grants in. We can use grant researchers too. Experienced or not.
  • Fundraisers
  • Translators Translators for Spanish and all other languages welcome.
  • IT people Especially right now- we have several projects.
  • Tradespeople (Especially electricians! Carpenters, painters, plumbers-- you name it, our host sites need lots of fixing. This can also help our direct spaces as well as help us keep our space free or inexpensive when you donate time in our name to maintain /repair the host site.)
  • HR & Marketing
  • Social Media Yes- please come help us keep up on our social media:)
  • Legal, tax & accounting professionals (Besides having people who will volunteer to help on our clients' cases, we sometimes may need to seek advice for special matters with the CLC as we expand and grow.)

Thank you to absolutely EVERYONE who has already donated skills of every type already!