Christian Legal Collaborative, Inc.
Helping our community-- with the help of our community-- the whole community  

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In addition to our statement of faith, the CLC also follows these guiding principles, the summary of which is that people should be treated with dignity and all people deserve to be treated equally and without judgment.

Guiding Principles

  • CLC is a place where HOW we serve the people is as important as who we are serving. Dignity is of  high importance. People do not have to be of the same faith to work here, but they must believe in the CLC’s guiding principles of equality and justice, and be willing to help others with compassion and without judgment.
  • The value of donors’ dollars must be highly honored in how we budget, do our work, and treat every donor; but we must never value any donor more than the people we started the organization to serve in the first place.

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