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Christian Legal Collaborative, Inc.

Helping our community-- with the help of our community-- the whole community  

Information on fees

Services by the CLC are provided to low and modest income persons, non-profits, and other small businesses, on a sliding scale fee basis. Persons are able to apply for services at the CLC who cannot afford "market rate representation" (full price attorneys-- often several hundred dollars per hour), but who also are not eligible for traditional Legal Aid.

The absolute maximum monetary fee an individual client will pay for the first hour is $100, and the absolute minimum they will pay is $50.* Most clients will pay $75 for the first hour. Flat fees will be offered for clients receiving extended services whenever possible so that they get the best rate and may pay less than they did for their first hour.

*Exceptions to the minimum fee will be made for clients who receive a rejection letter from Legal Aid stating they were income qualified but rejected for other reasons. If such persons are otherwise qualified for CLC services, they will receive their first hour at $25. If they are in need of subsequent representation, they will automatically request and pay the standard minimum rate after that to obtain immediate services, or they may instead apply for any scholarship that might be available from our sponsors at the time or choose to go on a waiting list for such funds to potentially become available. Those who allege to be in life circumstances that leave them with no funds available whatsoever, and who also allege they are in need of immediate services, and can demonstrate they were already rejected by Legal Aid and the other pro bono programs available at the local bar associations and College of Law may also appeal to the CLC Board for a special waiver of fees.

As part of the CLC sliding fee scale, all clients are also asked to "pay it forward" by contributing at least one hour of volunteer time (after a short basic training) to the CLC per simple case so that they have sweat equity in the organization that is helping them. This helps the CLC thrive so that others may be helped later. It also helps them understand the CLC's basic principles, be a better partner in the process, and better contribute to the community after they complete their case. To aid these goals, CLC allows clients to choose to help during clinics and CEOs (Community Education Opportunities) of their choice so that they are simultaneously receiving free education that benefits them and in turn will indirectly benefit the community by helping them better understand their rights and obligations. Clients enjoying their experience are invited to come back and volunteer for additional hours after doing more training.